ATC Terminal

Air Traffic Control Simulator

This is a radar console simulation for ATC (air traffic control) of a TMA (terminal area)
This is not a game, but a real simulation of what an air traffic controller is required to manage every day, handling arrivals and departures in more than one airport in the same area.

Try it now! (London area)

Completely new to ATC? Looking for the command list? See the instructions page at first!

New York TMA Area

A high-traffic area including New York main airports, JFK (KJFK), La Guardia (KLGA), Newark (KEWR).

Paris TMA Area

Charles De Gaulle (LFPO), Orly (LFPG) and Le Bourget (LFPB) are the airports in the Paris TMA area.

Rome TMA Area

Italian most crowded airspace, including Fiumicino (LIRF), Ciampino (LIRA) and Pratica di Mare military airbase (LIRE).

No installation required!

ATC Terminal simulator runs in any browser without installing any software or any plug-in!

Real RNAV Data!

ATC Terminal simulator is based on a real RNAV database to show real airports, navaids and routes. All SID/STAR/ATC routes are included in any area!

Worldwide coverage (coming soon)!

You could be sitting in the control tower of virtually any airport in the world. A Pro version with free worlwide airports selection will be available soon!

Current version: Beta 0.1 - April 2018